Running can be hard

I really just need a blog post to test an integration.

Yesterday was quite a good day. I was able to sleep in, felt refreshed and was motivated to run this day.
My relationship with running is a bit cursed because of two things.

  • my left foot does have some issues due to overloading in 2018 and every time I neglect to do my usual exercises, I get pain as a result
  • my mental health is rather poor

This is a perfect combination to not go running. So I’m kinda proud and happy that I did go running after all. I didn’t propose anything to myself and just started.

Photo of a parking lot in Essen. It's slightly angled to the left. In the front right is a cargo container with graffiti on it. In the back are houses which form a kind of horizon. The sky is grey to blue with a few clouds and a hint of orange which shows the coming sunset.
Parking lot at the half way mark

After a few minutes it was clear to me that I was too fast. I haven’t been running for some weeks and consistently for some months. So a pace of 5:30min/km was too fast. Nevertheless I just kept going and decided to do a bit of a run/walk session. 6min of running and 2min walking was a nice split size and I ended up doing 18mins of running.

To my surprise I wasn’t that exhausted after all. Stamina wise I probably could have gone for a couple of kilometers more, I didn’t want to stress my foot as much though.

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