Disable Android Apps without root

There are a couple of apps which are preinstalled on an android phone or tablet which you may not want, but run in the background. Sadly many of them, you can’t uninstall, like Google Chrome, or YouTube Music.

If you’ve got at least Android 9, you can use the app Digital Wellbeing to at least disable those Apps.

For this, go to settings and search for wellbeing.

Search result for "wellbeing" in Android settings.
First result is "Digital Wellbeing and parental controls", second result is "the app Digital Wellbeing".
Search for wellbeing in Android settings with result

Select the first entry “Digital wellbeing and parental controls”. Go down to “Dashboard”.

Settings for digital wellbeing, cropped so only the menu entry "Dashboard" is seen.
Ways to disconnect: Dashboard

At the dashboard, search for the app you wish to disable, select it and set the timer to 0hpurs and 0 minutes.

Popup for setting a timer for an app. This timer is for the app YouTube Music and is set to 0 hours and 0 minutes.
Set timer for app (e.g. YouTube Music)

Repeat this for all the apps you want to disable and you’re good to go.

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